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What is it about eating Bratwurst that gets you into the mood for a backyard picnic? Or at the stadium for your long anticipated tailgate party? Bratwurst has become a popular meal these days, especially at our favorite outdoor activities. They can be found cooking on outdoor grills or simmering in a pan of water all across America.

Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we have taken our affection for Bratwurst and the flavor of the Seasoned Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab and combined them. That's right, the Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst® in the Original Seasoned Crab Flavor and the Original Hot Seasoned Crab Flavor has added a new variety Bratwurst to the growing industry.

Both blends of the Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst® are Pork based and stuffed into links. The aroma of our Bratwurst gives you the sensation of fresh crab cakes frying on the stove. The pork trimmings we use provide the juiciest Bratwurst you can imagine, and the "snap" you feel when biting into one unleashes the seasoning and juices trapped behind the casings!

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