Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst®

I'll be honest, when I first heard of Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst®, I thought it was going to be an average brat loaded up with crab seasoning. To my surprise, it wasn't like that at all. What ever combination of seasonings and spices you are putting in these brats, keep it up. It was tender and juicy, with a flavor that makes you think about summer cookouts and steamed crabs. I tried the "Hot" version of the brat. It had just enough kick, but yet it didn't burn your mouth or ruin the rest of your meal like some foods labeled as "Hot". I am planning on trying these brats in my jambalaya recipe instead of the regular sausages that I normally used. I'll let you know how it goes.

Lenny Pfeffer
Stumpys Land Services

I heard about Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst® through their sponsorship of MarylandWhitetail.com. After one bite of a freshly grilled Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst® I was hooked. The freshness and quality of the meat, along with its unique, perfectly blended flavor make a winning combination. In addition to a great product CBB is run by a Great Guy. Bart is very polite and responds promptly to even the smallest customer! You can tell that he puts a lot of heart into what he does and its shows in an extremely high quality product that I can’t get enough of. In my house CBB have become known as “Heaven on a Bun!”

Make sure it’s the Original Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst!

Will Jenkins
OMSolutions Senior Analyst

"The Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst® is delicious and unique. It has a wonderful flavor and fulfills our philosophy: 'We eat the best and sell you the rest!' And we eat Bart Shortall's Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst!"
Capt Bob Evans......Churchton MD

While recently being introduced to a new product, the Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst®, I wondered how a crab seasoned Bratwurst would taste! Well, I'll be the first to tell you, these folks are onto something big! The smell, the taste of these "Crab Seasoned" pork bratwurst are the closest thing to heaven on earth! I'm a hot and spicy fan, and the makers of the Chesapeake Bay Brats have perfected the formula for both the regular and the hot blends of their product.
Doug Wigfield, National Archery in Schools Program Maryland Director

My full time job is a Lieutenant for the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. My fire department schedule provides the free time to participate as a Flyway Manager of the Avery Pro-Staff (averyoutdoors.com) and a member of the Zink Call Pro-Staff (zinkcalls.com). Over last 4 years while working as part of the Avery and Zink Pro-Staffs, it has afforded me the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and Canada. One thing I look forward to when visiting a new region is finding the local restaurants and sampling the flavors of the region, no matter if it is Texas ribeyes, Mississippi grits, or Memphis bar-b-que. This is a great way to sample local flavors and experience their heritage and history. The first time I tasted Chesapeake Bratwurst, I thought this was the perfect product that captures the flavors of the Chesapeake Bay Region.
- Submitted by Rusty Hallock, Flyway Manager, Avery Pro-Staff www.AveryOutdoors.com / Zink Call Pro-Staff www.ZinkCalls.com

Chesapeake Bay Bratwurst ® clearly stand above everything else in the freezer. There's just no competition anymore when it comes to deciding what to throw on the grill on Friday nights. Nothing else has as much taste and flavor. I'm forever a fan!
- Leo Lampinen


Firefighters all over are known for similar traits, they run in burning building while we are running out! And they eat good firehouse meals! Every day firefighters rely on each other to help do their jobs safely. This close knit working relationship forms a bond between firefighters that is best described as a "family"! And like any family, meal time is the highlight of the day. Firefighters in general aren't a shy bunch either. They're gonna tell you what's on their mind. So, it was only natural for us to deliver some Bratwurst to area Firehouses to get their honest opinions. Here are some of the testimonials we received!


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